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Software as a Service (SaaS) Engineering

SaaS is no more a differentiating delivery model but rather an essential one for most ISVs today. Many compelling benefits of providing a SaaS offering also give rise to dynamics and nuances—multi-tenancy models, subscription or metering and costing models, cloud aware or scalable, deployment, and instrumentation nuances, and of course, the technology choices and competencies.
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Digital Landscape Engineering

The digital life of end consumers and enterprises has transformed and is literally available any time, anywhere. The evolution of personal smart devices (including mobile platforms), Big Data insights, and cloud infrastructure has made it imperative for products and services to create and deliver experiences through these channels and infrastructure.
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Recent Works


Toolset: Angular 2 (Typescript), C# / .NET Core 1.1, WebApi2 (REST OpenAPI spec), AutoFaq, Xunit, SQL Server 2012, Karma, Jasmine, SpecFlow – BDD, Subversion: Git

Applications: re-platforming of the Regulatory News System onto a modern, micro-services based architecture.

  • Senior developer in the Information Services Technology area, currently leading the re-platforming of the Regulatory News System onto a modern, micro-services based architecture.
  • Detailed business & system analysis of legacy solution to ensure newly-developed platform will cover all required functionality, working closely with key business users
  • Producing overall architecture and design for the new system, Defining and documenting standard processes for implementing features


Toolset: C# / .NET 4.5, WPF, WebApi2, REST, Rabbit MQ, AutoFaq, NUNIT, SQL Server 2012, SpecFlow - BDD

Applications: Power Nomination Systems, Trade Loader and Power Trades Positions Services.

  • Power and Gas Logistics for Front Office Operators and Short term Traders, Actively involved in design architecture and hand on development of TradeLoader and Nominations system, for power Nomination to different TSO, DSO, which is Creating, Sending and Deleting a Nomination. Used C#, .Net 4.5, ASP.Net WebAPI2, windows service, Rabbit MQ, SQL server 2012 and JavaScript.


Toolset: C# / .NET, WPF, WCF, VB6, JQuery, NUNIT, SQL Server 2018, SpecFlow, VS 2015

Applications: DMO’s Gilt Purchase and Sale Service Enhancement

  • Conventional Gilt-edged Market Makers (GEMMs) competitive bidding system enhancement, allow making competitive bids by the Bloomberg real time auction system.
  • Re structure application architecture and implement DMO PYC – price yield collaboration bid allocation process within SEAT application.


Toolset: C# / .NET, Server side, WCF, Asp.Net MVC5, Angular, NUNIT, AutoFaq, Moq, Sql Server, SpecFlow, TFS, Agile, Scrum

Applications: DFA, EMIR, Dodd–Frank, Transaction reporting.
Real-time transaction reporting for EMIR, Dodd-Frank / NSD / MAS / FSFM / MOEX / TOCOM

  • Product checker which facilitates pre-trade regulatory product rule check.
  • Client Portal: Web based application ( for client to view their portfolio and position – Mark to Market M2M valuation. Counterparty dispute management to their booked trade/contracts.


Toolset: C# / .NET, WPF, MVVM PRISM 5, WCF, Asp.Net MVC5, Angular, SpecFlow, MS Test, TFS, Unity, Oracle 11g, PL/SQL, EF 5, SQL Server 2012, SSRS, SSIS, Service Bus.

Applications: Front, Middle and back office application for Trade Management, Credit Breach Report, Regulatory Reporting (REGs- ERR), Reconciliation, LNG Logistic, GCMA, Global VaR(London – Houston NA) etc

  • Trade Management: Technical design and development of trade novation and trade capture, compression and modelling.
  • LNG Logistic: Enhancement in LNG Logistic Application, manage transmission capacity, available caps, Delivery managements, Terminals, Gas in store, Fees, Reference data etc.


Toolset: C# / .NET, WPF, MVVM PRISM, WCF, MS Test, TFS 2012, Unity, Oracle 11g, NHibernate, TDD, Agile

Applications: PPI Complaint Navigator, Clipper Case management application.

  • Delivered business Rule-bases integration with Oracle Policy Automation (OPA) with extensive use of custom plug-in and adaptor solutions
  • Decision Publication ( documents (PDF decision documents generation) on public domain to comply with government regulations.


Toolset: C# / .NET, WPF, MVVM PRISM, WCF, ASP.Net MVC 4, NUNIT TFS, TDD, MEF – DI, Agile process

Applications: F1 (Formula 1) Graphics manager, OPTA, ZeeBox

  • F1(Formula 1) Graphics manager application development and Integration with TRIO graphics processing engine for live broadcasting
  • Manage requirement for OPTA feed, live real time information of various games(football etc.).

BETFAIR PLC 2010/2012

Toolset: C# / .NET, WPF, MVVM, WCF, Entity Framework, Oracle, Moq, NUNIT VS2010, Expression Blend, Re-sharper, TFS, Perforce, RALLY, JIRA, TDD, MEF - DI, Jenkins, SSRS, SSIS

Applications: Test Framework development, TelBet-2 Test Automation, Continuous Delivery process.

  • Design and integration of automation test for TelBet-2, Rich UI Meta-data driven, and Front Office Application.
  • ASP.NET MVC based dashboard also reports all exchange service status, market status and different metrics of current markets


  • 12 years of experience specialised in, business and performance critical, multi-threaded windows/web based applications.
  • C# .NET (2.0 - 4.6), WPF, UX, MVVM, Asp.Net MVC, ASP.Net Core, Web API, WCF, SOAP and RESTful API, JQuery, Angular, MS SQL 2005 - 2012, SSIS, Oracle 11g, PL/SQL
  • Strong knowledge in Object-oriented design practices, SOLID principles, scalable architecture design, data analysis and metadata driven application development
  • Highly Experienced in Agile development methodologies, TDD/BDD, SpecFlow, Fitnesse, TFS, Rally, JIRA

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  • Software Development
  • Software Maintenance
  • Software Re-engineering
  • Offshore and onsite maintenance
  • Research, design, and implementation of new features

  • Software Development

    Software Development

    • Business Requirement Analysis (BRA)
    • Ideation and Conceptualization
    • Architecture, R&D, and Prototyping
    • Design and Development
    • Testing and Assurance
    • Release Management
    • Training and Product Support
    • Sustains/Maintenance

  • Software Maintenance

    Software Maintenance

    • Offshore and onsite maintenance
    • Bug fixing and troubleshooting
    • Bug tracking and reporting
    • Fine tuning the product functionality
    • Research, design, and implementation of new features

  • Software Re-engineering

    Software Re-engineering

    • Re-architecting
    • Migration to new software delivery model (SaaS),Delivery over cloud)
    • Technology and user interface upgrade
    • Porting and data migration
    • Legacy systems and application re-engineering
    • Enterprise application integration
    • Code re-structuring
    • Re-documentation
    • Platform transitions
    • Language conversion

  • Product Engineering

    Product Engineering

    We offer end-to-end software development services that help you constantly innovate, optimize time-to-market and gain a competitive edge on new and legacy product portfolios at reduced costs.

  • Security


    • Standards-based Security testing, OWASP Top 10, and SANS Top 25
    • Compliance-based Security testing, PCI, and HIPAA
    • Infrastructure Security testing
    • CMS Security testing
    • Threat modeling

  • Automation


    Experience in designing and implementing test automation frameworks (modular, data-driven, keyword-driven, hybrid, and descriptive). Technology expertise in implementing custom automation harness and utilities in various languages such as C#, SQL, SpecFlow, Sellinium, JavaScript, Protractor - end-to-end testing.

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Software Development

Business Requirement Analysis (BRA)
Ideation and Conceptualization
Architecture, R&D, and Prototyping
Design and Development
Testing and Assurance
Release Management
Training and Product Support

Taking into account the client’s project requirement and interests, We ahve adopted many successful software development approaches. We are well conversant with the classic software development life cycle and equally adapted Agile methodology.

When we adheres to the conventional Waterfall methodology, the following phases are implemented: requirements and analysis, design, implementation, and eventually, testing. All these phases have specific entry and exit criteria. When the stakeholders approve a phase and its deliverables, transition takes place from one phase to the next.

Wea are a pioneer in collaborative software development methodology. Herein, the client retains its own onsite team, and our offshore team becomes an extension of this onsite team. These two teams collaborate to attain a common goal. We will streamline and synchronize the processes essential for this collaboration. In this regard, We have implemented the Agile methodology with a highly responsive approach for numerous clients.

Platform Integration

Platform Migration

Platform and infrastructure assessment

Service integration and orchestration

Platform management and monitoring

Transforming into capability platform

Building a unified platform model

Optimizing and rationalizing business process

Adapting and enhancing new capabilities

API management

Managing API lifecycle and exchange infrastructure

Assisting in new business model

Enriching monetizing capabilities

Test Automation

To evaluate the health of automation

Reviewing automation framework in all phases and recommending best-fit solutions based on our proven expertise.

Test automation consultancy, Automation implementation and test scripting

Providing tool identification and recommendation based on requirements and technology. Identifying and implementing various framework components, libraries, utilities. Providing assistance in creating coding standards, script review process, and deployment strategies.

Proof of concept (POC) for automation tool

Performing a technical POC to ensure that the recommended tool is the best solution that saves time spent on inappropriate tools.

To design a test automation framework

Providing help in designing an optimized framework by considering the aspects of extensibility, reusability, and maintainability.


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